Kristen Emeola
Licensed Massage Therapist
Owner of Massage CraftBIO-600

My interest in massage began when the stress of my previous corporate career had culminated into daily migraines. Having tried every drug accessible with no relief, it was massage that finally curbed the pain to a handful of episodes per year. I initially studied massage at the Academy for Massage Therapy Training in San Antonio, TX in 2008. Since then, my fascination for the interconnectedness within the body, as well as body-to-mind, has exploded into a passion which continues to thrive. I find enormous joy in studying patterns of pain and posture, working with clients to determine where chronic pain originates.

Because of my history with headaches and migraines, my forte is correcting neck and shoulder dysfunction, where many headaches originate; and secondly, hip and low back pain. My style of massage is very deep and detailed, yet intensely relaxing. Having studied Thai Massage Levels I and II at the Denver Integrative Massage School, I often combine western massage with Thai movements and stretches, along with other modalities such as therapeutic cupping, facilitated stretching, and neuromuscular therapy.

At Massage Craft, I will address your concerns in detail, while creating a state of relaxation. This balance between therapeutic touch and personal release is critical for chronic pain alleviation. Based on your physical concerns and state of stress at the time, I will customize a personalized session and massage plan that cater to your specific needs.