Policies & Etiquette


The use of a face mask, covering both your nose and mouth, is required upon entering the building. Please provide your own mask and be prepared to wear it for the entire duration of your visit. Special circumstances can be accommodated when discussed in advance.


Receiving massage while your body fights an illness – any illness – can actually make your symptoms worse. Especially because of the coronavirus threat, it is imperative to reschedule if you think you might be getting sick, are sick, or are just getting over being sick. If you’ve infected with- and recovered from COVID-19, you must be symptom- and fever-free for 14 days before receiving bodywork.


If you must cancel your appointment, kindly provide at least 24 hours’ notice (48 hours for a 2-hour massage). Cancelling within 24 hours, or 48 hours for a 2-hour session, will incur a cancellation fee of half the cost of service.

With regards to illness, please keep in mind.. If you’re feeling slightly ill and it’s the day before your appointment, you’re already too sick to come in the next day. If you’re experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, and you have a massage scheduled within the next 10 days, please cancel your appointment immediately.


Due to increased measures to provide the cleanest, most disinfected environment as possible, every appointment must strictly adhere to the schedule. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to allow time for the new routine: temperature checks, hand washing, and a quick health questionnaire. This must be completed every visit, every time, until further notice.

Tips for receiving the greatest benefit from your massage:

  • Arrive 5-10 mins early, so you’ll receive the full time of your session and not feel rushed.
  • Wear a face masks with ear loops, which is a more comfortable style when receiving massage.
  • When possible, silence your cell phone.
  • Speak up during the session if you’re too hot/cold or if you would like more/less pressure.
  • Don’t help me move your arms, legs, or head, unless I ask you to. Click here to read why this is so important.
  • Hydrate before and after your massage (and, well, all the time)!