Services & Pricing

I charge by time, not modality. 

Based on your concerns, I will create a personalized massage, combining some or all of the following: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Trigger Point, Massage Cupping, Passive/Active Stretching, Thai, & Neuromuscular Therapy as needed or requested.

60 minutes = $69
90 minutes = $99
120 minutes* = $139
*120 minute-sessions are offered to returning clients only.


You are welcome to purchase a gift card for any monetary denomination. Gift cards can be combined with other offers, such as the introductory rate and birthday special. Read more about Massage Craft specials.

You may purchase gift cards in-office or over the phone. To obtain your gift cards remotely, I’ll simply mail your gift card to you or your intended recipient the day after accepting payment over the phone. I am working to offer gift card payments through my website.


Focused not on a specific area of pain, but on the entire body as a whole; inviting your mind to quiet down, and your muscles to unwind.  Combining a swedish style with occasional light stretching, this massage offers gentle de-stressing without having to breathe through deep strokes or deal with soreness the next day.
Typically more focused, but sometimes full body, deep tissue massage targets deeper layers of fascia and muscle, resulting in a greater release of tension and increased joint mobility. There is often discomfort and sometimes mild pain when receiving deep tissue. Breathing deeply and slowly during these moments brings oxygen to the tissue and helps calm the central nervous system. You may experience mild soreness the day after a deep tissue session. This is common and usually last about a day.
The general rule is: the less area of the body that is covered, the deeper I can go. Spot treatment sessions are more concentrated on your area of concern. This is a more intense session, but one that typically brings about the greatest relief. I place SPORTS MASSAGE within this category.  Sports massage targets sports-related injuries.
Surrounding each muscle and internal organ is a tight web of connective tissue called fascia. It is the “glue of the body”. Dehydration and/or lack of movement can cause the fascia to stiffen and tighten up around the muscle, like shrink-wrap. Massage cupping is an ancient eastern technique of applying suction cups to the skin which results in lifting the tissue instead of compressing it. This allows fresh blood and lymph to reach the muscle, accelerating the internal healing response. Sometimes marking occurs. These marks are a result of stagnation underneath and last about 1-7 days, depending on the darkness of the mark.
Also called Thai Yoga Massage, this has been described as “having yoga done to you”. Originating in India 2500 years ago, thai massage was created to help monks sit for hours at a time and meditate. When receiving thai, the client is completely clothed, and carried through many yoga postures, stretches, and compressions that gradually increase in pressure. Traditionally, thai massage is performed on a large mat on the floor. Due to limited space in my studio, I’m not currently offering thai massage sessions. However, I have created a thai fusion technique that blends occasional thai movements on the table with western massage techniques (i.e. swedish, deep tissue, etc).  I find that thai massage especially therapeutic on the lower body.